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  • BRUTUS Magazine – Number 982: Off-Line Shopping 2023 – Cover
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BRUTUS Magazine

BRUTUS Magazine – Number 982: Off-Line Shopping 2023

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Brutus (ブルータス) is a bi-weekly Japanese men’s magazine devoted to pop culture, lifestyles, and culture in Tokyo, Japan by Magazine House.


Now that everything can be bought online, the presence of physical stores is increasing.

Books, handicrafts, daily necessities, art pieces, furniture, clothes, vintage shops, etc., are small but strong shops that embody the minds of discerning shopkeepers.

From the story of the store owners who lead to new values and ways of thinking, we will explore why the store is attractive and think about the secret of a reliable store.

If you have a reliable store, every day will be more fulfilling.

special feature
How to find a reliable store

A shop where you can see the thoughts of the owner.
POST/BIBLIOTHECA/Shinkenchiku Bookstore|POST Architecture Books/Gallery 5/Kaburagi/Rashinban/FOOTWORKS

A shop that transcends time and country.
diorama/MOGI Folk Art/tamiser table,antiques tamiser/TRUNKSIX/TOD/Furugoya/guild Bekkan/A Little Place/HS-kyoto-/keiokairai building

Inheriting the store ①The Cornan Shop Daikanyama

A place to take a break. ①awai

Book in Book
A connoisseur's shop where 15 connoisseurs go.
APOLOGIA/TANTO TEMPO/CONTOUR/Neji no Nagai/Archive Store/chibi/NADiff a/p/a/r/t/LEATHER&SILVER MOTO/LICHT gallery/SEIN/Shinjuku Kitamura Photo Studio/YOU ARE WELCOME/Santa Monica Omotesando/ Aoyama Konishi Shoten / Out of museum / TSUBAKI / ABI Heiseimachi / Yanagi-Shop / Mikawaya Setagaya / Nitesha / HOOKED VINTAGE / Treasure Factory Machida / Bechics / black&white / REM / ew.note / Super Viva Home Toyosu / PITTZZ / ESP Technical House / LOS APSON?

A place to take a break. ②TORIBA COFFEE KYOTO

A shop where style professionals have products to look up to.


Prejudice vintage.
Maya bicycle store/Pat Market/HYST/Secondhand clothing store roster/dialogue/Monoya

It's fun to the shelf and space made by the shopkeeper.
The story of the independent bookstore that continues to increase in the last 3 years.
Shibuya 〇〇 Bookstore/PASSAGE by ALL REVIEWS/BOOK STAND Wakabadai/Crab Books/Flanur Bookstore/Yobasha/Bookstore Zou no Tabi/WARP HOLE BOOKS/twililight/Adventure Research Institute Bookstore/Bookstore lighthouse/Etcetra Books BOOKSHOP/Omokage book&craft/ RIGHT NOW BOOKSTAND/TOUTEN BOOKSTORE/Kanijiru Bookstore/Kinoshita Book Center/Bookshop Choyokan/Kita Bookstore/Books and Trading One day,

Inheriting the store ② T.T / Zenbi