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  • BranD Magazine – Issue 61: The Final Layout – Cover
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BranD Magazine

BranD Magazine – Issue 61: The Final Layout

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BranD is an international bi-monthly magazine, focusing on multidisciplinary communication design from Hong Kong.

BranD defines a new way to look into Communication Design by presenting, researching and manifesting excellent works amongst Visual Art, Advertising, Product, Graphic, Interior, Architecture, etc. Every issue not only expends around numbers of high-quality visual features to seek the real content and values behind different forms of communications, but also includes in-depth observation articles andcolumns from the industry’s leading organizations and individuals. The Community section brings the designers, artists, art directors, marketing specialists, and business strategists together to seek the multidisciplinary creative methodology behind communication design for businesses.

BranD 61 – The Final Layout | The exploration of layout will never end

BranD 61 – The Final Layout | How many times does a layout be modified before it becomes the final version? What are the points do designers pay attention to when they design a layout? Who moves your layout? Designers should, whatever fields they are in, step up efforts in layout design, because it is the key for brands.

Layout doesn’t only focus on the visual level, but also its efficiency, logic and concept when conveying messages. How to tell a good story by deploying text, typeface, photography, color, pattern and other elements is the fundamental task for designers. The exploration on new logic and thoughts on layout design is worth for learning because they promote the evolution of layout design. A great revolution is what the field of layout design is about to embrace as the development of public aesthetics and design trend.

Therefore, BranD team featured in the Issue 61 some avant-garde works with great layout that indicate the great change from various industries globally. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of BranD magazine, the team starts its exploration from the most foundational yet pragmatic themes. Designers are welcome to join the great change in the field of layout design with a more mature and open mind. Let’s settle the layout at one go!

With: Xiaoxiang Liu, Shun Sasaki, Felix Pfäffli, Kangin Kim, Yunho Lee, Nejc Prah, Kai Leung, Marco Lentini, Tim Tijink, Agello Torres and many more.