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Bicycle Club

Bicycle Club – Issue No. 456

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Bicycles and culture "Bicycles in daily life"

●First feature "Bicycles in daily life"
Bicycle Club values ​​stories! In this feature on the theme of life with bicycles, we introduce the lifestyles of models and stylists who love bicycles. In addition, we cover "living and living" related to bicycles, such as delicious restaurants owned by cyclists where bicycle lovers gather, "Rooftop bicycle riders" and other houses where you live with your bicycle, and articles on convenient items for everyday use. We will also tell you about the deep world of bicycles, such as the history of bicycles in daily life.

●New series "Yasui Yukio's bicycle play with an emphasis on cost"
We propose a new evaluation axis for sports bikes, not performance per cost, but fun (= cost). We will delve deeper into "cosfa" rather than cost performance, and what kind of fun you can have by riding that bicycle. In the first installment, with the motto "Fun over specs!", bicycle journalist Yasui Yukio writes about the fun he experienced buying a DAVOS Neo Randonneur and assembling it.

In addition, other series have also been launched, such as Omata Yufuta's "Portraits of the Mountain Pass: Fuji Subaru Line" and "BC Archive," where the two concept designers of the first issue will get a feel for it.

In addition, fashion director Kaneko Keiji appears in the popular series "The World of Western Goods and Bicycles," while Tsuji Kei's photo essay "La Strada" and Nishiyama Bicycle Company feature an expanded version of bicycle restoration and other features. We will be bringing you the deep world of bicycles with a new look.

Language: Japanese