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  • Balcony Magazine – Issue 02 – Cover
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Balcony Magazine – Issue 02

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Balcony is a bi-annual collection of conversations with artists situated in the everyday.

Each issue will contain a selection of dialogues as well as visual stories and original artworks. Sidestepping conventions of both art criticism and the artist profile, balcony presents the artist’s voice as its primary source, blurring the boundaries between the art world and the everyday.


This iteration of balcony embraces closeness. It dances within the liminal spaces that exist between people. These are relationships of grand intimacy and sometimes imperceptible scale. Features include:

• A meditation on home by painter Serena Stevens
• Coffee in Paris with the infamous writer Dennis Cooper in Paris
• A personal musical history with the emerging art star Lewis Hammond
• An intimate remembrance of Sarah Charlesworth and never-before published ephemera from her acclaimed Natural Magic series
• A portfolio and un-earthed diaries of Ecuador’s forgotten artist Eduardo Solá Franco
• A Sunday morning spent with Chilean activist and artist Cecilia Vicuña
• Giovanna Silva’s words and images on Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa
• A trip to the movies with Walter Robinson and Chris Dorland
• Three drawings by Mario Navarro
• A poem by Jibade-Khalil Huffman

balcony is founded by Vicente Muñoz and Audrey Rose Smith and designed by Ben Fehrman-Lee and Julia Novitch.

238 pgs, 22.5 × 16.8 cm, Softover, 2022