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Attitude Interior Design Magazine

Attitude Interior Design Magazine – Number 79: Refuge

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ATTITUDE Interior Design is a bimonthly international magazine focused on Interiors, Architecture, Design, Art and Lifestyle, with a worldwide distribution and based in Porto, Portugal.

It was in Oporto that everything began. In a city that was still somewhat on the side-lines of international media attention, an editorial project with a highly individual character was born, driven by a desire to inject freshness and a boldness into the approach to themes such as design, interiors and lifestyle on the Portuguese panorama.

At the time, this reality seemed to us insufficiently-well disseminated and deserving of a superior approach. It stimulated our growing curiosity and led us to cast our radar over it, and also over the materials that reached us from abroad, from the most varied origins. A challenging and stimulating spirit of adventure is what has guided us to the present. Enriched by new chapters that will continue to be written in these pages, revealing a commitment that has been clear since our first edition, sharing ways of life and unique passions; giving voice to talents that, sometimes, are less evident and, consequently, not always duly recognised; publishing projects worthy of a more thoughtful focus and reaching out to the global community.

We have had the privilege of publishing all these things every two months, not just in Portugal but, also, around the world. A world that is becoming increasingly closer; after all, we have slowly and steadily extended our presence on a map that now includes 27 countries.

After 15 years, we feel proud of being able to arrive, every day, at this same editorial room, being able to witness at close quarters the dynamism of an ever-more vibrant city that shows signs of reinventing itself at the turn of every corner. And above all, we are motivated to continue doing exactly what we have always enjoyed doing; working in an informal and naturally familiar environment, surrounded by tireless team which we have grown with over more than a decade, that stimulates us to outdo ourselves every day.

Welcoming a new year, 2018, which we will be celebrating with particular enthusiasm, inspired by our 15th anniversary, we aim to leave a printed testimonial with a register that we would like to be avowedly intimate and personal. A hallmark that will also have the virtue of being long-lasting and because of this, our choice of paper as the format for this endeavour – with the unique sensations that cannot be compared digital formats – was considered the obvious choice without a trace of hesitation.

This is how we decided to commemorate this date, with the publication of a book set to reach the bookshelves this year.
A book about interiors, bearing a unique identity, ultimately reflecting our perspective on things, registered with our cameras, complementing our experience and written in our own words.
Revisiting a path that has moulded and defined us, aware of the unexpected opportunities which we have encountered; with our often privileged access to homes that no other publication might have the chance to visit, and with the wonderful people we have had the fortune of meeting. Not to mention the friendships that we have made along the way, so many of which are nurtured to this day.

With this year’s first edition, all we can hope for is that the edition of Attitude you are now holding in your hands becomes your personal ‘refuge’, offering you relaxing moments of visual pleasure and reading, perhaps for a few moments, a couple of hours or even various and countless days.

Architect with Attitude
— Carney Logan Burke Architects
— João Rapagão

Artist with Attitude
— Tom Leamon

Designer with Attitude
— Oliver Gustav
— Commune Design

Relax in Public
— Six Gallery
— Balneario de Segura
— Corpo Santo Hotel
— Dream Hollywood Hotel

Good Buy
— Luís Buchinho
— Em Nome da Rosa
— Galeria Meia 1
— Liliana Guerreiro

— Sologne
— California I
— California II
— Fujian
— Viana do Castelo
— Manhattan Beach
— Olhão