Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Cover
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19)
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19)
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19)
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 01
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 02
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 03
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 04
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 05
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 06
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 07
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19)
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 09
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19) – Inside 10
Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19)
Ark Journal

Ark Journal – Volume 02 (AW19)

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At Ark Journal we explore the spaces around us, the objects we put in them and the people who make them.

BACK IN STOCK (very limited!)

Bridging architecture, design and art, we show them as interplay rather than in silos, and with a sense of enduring Scandinavian values and aesthetics. We celebrate good ideas, honest and inventive design and materials and encourage critical debate. Each issue we visit extraordinary homes around the world that are more than the sum of their parts and that express the personal narratives of the people who live in them, their philosophies and influences. By placing architecture at the core of Ark Journal, we want to consider it in the broader context of our lives, reflecting its more humanistic side and celebrating tactility and individual dimensions.

Copenhagen-based, Ark Journal is a biannual magazine founded by Editor-in-Chief Mette Barfod and made by an experienced team of designers, stylists, photographers and editors. The 240-page magazine is sold in 25 countries around the world.

In Volume II we focus on how architecture evolves and frames our existence and we celebrate the soulful interplay of art, design and architecture. In a special additional 16-page magazine the acclaimed photographer Francois Halard shares his personal portfolio of interiors and architecture. Danish Vietnamese artist Danh Vo invites us into his Berlin apartment and country home; Michèle Lamy explores materiality in her Paris atelier; John Pawson admits his new country home has softened his views on minimalism and Max Lamb discusses how materials dictate his designs.

We visit a concrete house in Gotland that takes its cues from the rugged landscape; meet two Danish artists who built their home in Møn as a living composition; and discuss harmony and purpose with an architect and furniture designer in their Copenhagen apartment. Delving into the archives of the great Danish modernist Jørn Utzon, we visit two of his rarely shown houses that show his genius for designing homes that enrich their inhabitants’ lives.

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