Alquimie – Edition Eight

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Winner of Australia’s Best Wine Publication in 2015, Alquimie’s edition 6 comes with a bonus supplement: The Australian Table. Featuring Ben Shewry (Attica), Andrew McConnell, a journey to Tasmania's best whisky's and much more.

With extensive coverage of all wine’s nuances, edition 8 incorporates beer, spirits and of course, the best seasonal food matches. Of the latter, Alquimie visits Chin Chin and Tulum, to test the best matches for Asian and Turkish food, respectively. A chat with acclaimed Director Francis Ford Coppola in California is nestled betweens travels to the south of France and the north of Spain. Tastings include a selection of bubbly brews, cellar aged reds and iconic peated whiskies. For the novice or the expert, Alquimie edition 8 is a thirst quenching read!

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