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Caffeine – Volume 16

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Caffeine is a magazine championing independent and speciality coffee in the UK and abroad. Riding the "third wave" of the coffee industry, we aim to entertain and inform our readers about their daily cup of Joe. Be it espresso, filter, V60, syphon or humble French press (aka the cafetière), we want to make your home coffee experience as good as the one in your favourite coffee shop, and to share news, views and developments on the coffee scene.

In this issue we explore the world of signature drinks, how mixologists and baristas are narrowing the gap and creating the most delicious drinks using coffee. We visit 'Relax, it's only coffee' on Old Street's Magic Roundabout and then jump on a train to the flatlands of Norwich to sample the coffee scene.
Back at Caffeine HQ we rigorously test the best home scales that money can buy and drop in on Tate and learn more about slot roasting. Finally we catch up with Game of Thrones actor Enzo Clienti and put Caffeine's 10 questions to him.

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